Loving Lithuania

Hello Dear Readers!

I’m writing to you from the balmy climes of Nebraska, where I’m helping a friend film a documentary about Native American veterans. But I digress. I’ve got one last post for you guys about Lithuania before moving on to other trips.

We had an action packed few days during our little weekend trip, and the crowning moment (in my humble opinion) was arranging a home cooked meal with some local Lithuanian folks in Vilnius.

Now, you’ll likely recall that Harrison and I have done this before, in Georgia, over New Year’s. We had an amazing time and I swear I didn’t drink all the alcohol.

Ok I lied.

Still, we had such a good time during our first adventure that I decided we had to do it again. This time I booked via eatwith, and we were neither shoved in a trunk nor drugged and sold into slavery, a possibility I never even considered until my family brought it up.

This time around we had a luxurious Lithuanian meal, and we weren’t alone!

From left to right: yours truly, Harrison, our lovely hosts, and the two French folks who joined us during dinner.

We had a wonderful time enjoying a three course meal inside their insanely fancy home.

Just my living room, nbd.

Now, dinner was at the end of our day, which we had spent wandering throughout the city. One of the coolest locations we ended up going? Užupis, a commune-esque neighborhood just outside of city central with its own laws, edicts, and constitution.

Please comment on my fantastic photography skills.

The neighborhood itself is very cool, with tons of unique features, including some awesome graffiti and picturesque sites.








I’m not even sorry.



All told, Lithuania was an unexpectedly awesome trip. We packed it full and enjoyed every minute of it- from the good food to the pleasant people to the cheap as hell cost.

10/10 recommend.

-Carissa “Not Quite a Victoria’s Secret Angel” and Harrison “He Totally Deserves It!” Diamond


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