Brewing Ourselves At the Beer Spa

Hello Dear Readers!

Has anyone here ever brewed their own beer? Me either. But you know what I have brewed? Myself, in a huge tub full of beer ingredients. 

77eabb0a-8c73-45d3-a77c-f7ad35ee2914So, Budapest is actually pretty famous for their thermal baths. They’ve got tons of them around the city, but the largest and most popular are the Szechenyi baths, which are enormous, gorgeous, and happen to contain my own favorite Budapest attraction, the Beer Spa. 

I actually can’t remember how I found this spa, but I am so glad I did. Basically, what they do is throw a whole bunch of ingredients used for making beer into a giant tub. And then you get in. So there’re hops, barley, malt, etc, just swirling around you in this hot steaming stew.


You know, it sounds (and looks) kinda gross in retrospect. But apparently it’s pretty good for your skin. And the best part? The best part? There’s draft beer on tap for you right next to the tub!


I know that sounds like a recipe for disaster. That’s likely why they limit your spa time to a mere forty five minutes. Any longer and they’d have to pry your sodden ass out of their facilities.

But it was so cool!

-Carissa “I Only Drink When I’m on Vacation, Which is Always” Rawson




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