Nicosia- The Last Divided Capital: Part 2

Hello Dear Readers!

Did you enjoy my story about the hammam? I mean, it was certainly an experience. Right?

Anyway, after we finished at the bath, we wandered around the Turkish side of the city, eating in a random bookstore cafe and going to see the whirling dervishes, which sounds really cool but in actuality is a bunch of men twirling in circles for hours at a time.

The Turkish side is so so different from the Greek. I can’t stress that enough.

Me in a mosque

In the evening Harrison and I went to Pivo Microbrewery, had a few drinks (and he ate a literal rack of ribs), and then wandered down to a bar so he could teach me how to play backgammon.

I’m not going to say he was going easy on me. But I will say that I won a few times. I prefer to think of it as my own cleverness and expertise.

The next day we spent entirely on the Greek side, wandering into an abandoned art district near the wall, which was utterly surreal as it was a sunny Saturday and literally no one was around.


We ended up playing more backgammon, eating Oreo cheesecake (authentic Greek Oreo cheesecake) and having a wonderful time before heading to the airport and flying our separate ways.

I’m a winner!

Gosh I sure missed Egypt. I swear.

-Carissa “Backgamon Superstar” Rawson


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