Sweet Sweden: Stockholm

Hello Dear Readers!

Have you ever wanted to know where to go in Stockholm that won’t be the most expensive thing in the world? Me too.

I’ll let you know when I find it.

Sweden, why can’t I afford you?

Just kidding. I know that’s probably like the 10th time I’ve brought it up, but truly that’s how pervasive the pricing is in Stockholm. Take for instance, this delish lunch we ate at The Hairy Pig Deli, in which I ordered 4 tapas and some dried ham, and we both had a glass of hot mulled wine. It was very, very good. It was also over $100.

But so tasty

Anyway, we spent the next few days mostly on the island of Gamla-Stan, otherwise known as Old Town. It’s incredibly picturesque. It’s also home to the Medieval Museum of Stockholm, which is a neat little place under the King’s Palace and also happens to be free.


We also visited the Photography Musuem, which I would absolutely recommend but I feel like there should be a warning. I wasn’t anticipating the…sensitive nature of the photos. Of course, photography speaks to humanity, and the photos really do that. But there is a lot of gore. A lot of suffering. So be prepared.

Spoiler alert: wanting to go here next year

I think probobly my most favorite night was my last, in which we wandered Gamla-Stan, drank a few cups of Glogg (hot mulled wine) and ice skated in our shoes on an as-of-yet unopened ice skating rink in the center of town.


Tons of fun.


Have any of you guys ever been to Sweden? What did you do there?

-Carissa “Glogg Me” Rawson


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