Edinburgh- Dinner at the Dome

Hello Dear Readers!

I truly thought that when I moved to Scotland I’d settle down. Y’know, sit a bit, rest on my laurels, establish a home and a space. And while I have got a flat (and Nala!), I’ve found that far from sitting around, Edinburgh has actually made an excellent base from which to travel.

Of course, it helps that I’ve had quite a few visitors. In fact, just last week, PJ (my older brother, of Dubai fame), came to visit. He was around for about ten days, and while I wasn’t able to skip class to hang out with him, (you know, all 10 hours a week), I did manage to show him a few cool things while he was here.

And then, y’know, we went to Sweden.

What?! It was like $50 to fly there. Obviously I was going to do it. We spent some really cool days in Stockholm, where, as you’d likely expect, it was approximately -1000 degrees.

But before that we had this awesome dinner at a place in Edinburgh called the Dome.

It’s absolutely  gorgeous inside

Tip of the hat to Shuaib here, who took his cousin and whose photos were so enviable I went the next day.

Shamelessly stolen without Shuaib’s consent

PJ and I now both have a new favorite drink: the French Martini, which tastes like joy and deliciousness and is deceptively dangerous.


We experienced quite a few of these at our fancy-ass dinner, which was the best I’ve had since moving to this city.


Go there!



-Carissa “ohmygoditsnearlychristmas” Rawson


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