My New Life- Stories From Home

Hello Dear Readers!

As you all know by now, I’ve spent the last few months assuming my new life as a full-time student of Arabic at the University of Edinburgh. If you missed that post– congrats! You’re now in the loop.

That doesn’t mean I’ve stopped traveling though. Aside from making my way all around Scotland and England, I’ve also hit up a few different (mystery!) countries, which I’ll talk about in my upcoming posts. Until then, enjoy these photos from Scotland, my most favorite place in the world:

My grandparents came to visit mere days after I moved in. We had a blast being tourists together!
My apartment as seen from the ramparts of Edinburgh Castle. Yes, I am that close. 


Me, immediately after arriving and realizing I’m wholly unsuited for Scotland’s weather. Where’s the sun?
Photos from my weekend at Dalhousie Castle, where I drank copious amounts of champagne and practiced falconry. 
I journeyed to the highlands to feed a “hairy coo” and even found Nessie!
Reunited and it feels so good! 

– Carissa “Can I Live Here Forever?” Rawson




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