Skydiving Airlie Beach

Hello Dear Readers!

If you guys know me at all, you know that my goal in life is to do pretty much all the things. Why is this pertinent? Because when Katie and Shuaib casually mentioned that they wanted to go skydiving in Airlie Beach, I was all:


And so we booked the skydive. I’d actually been 4 times previously (because I’m insane), but hadn’t gone since about 2013. So it had been a while.


I was surprisingly not nervous, but I had a blast terrifying both Katie and Shuaib, both of whom were first-timers.


“Are we gonna die up there?” -Katie and Shuaib

This was the first time I ever did photos and a video, though, so I have actual proof of going. Now enjoy.

Shuaib playing it cool as a cucumber


I will literally never get over Katie’s “death is nigh” face.

Who doesn’t look like this while skydiving?


*internally* “Time of death, 12:36 p.m.”

MY PARACHUTE DIDN’T OPEN. You can see the exact moment in the video when I realize this.


Oh just skydived, NBD.

-Carissa “Sure” Rawson


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