Brisbane- It’s a Small World After All

Hello Dear Readers,

After my auspicious start to Brisbane, you’ll be pleased to know that I spent an entire day moping around in my hotel room and ordering delivery food so I didn’t have to put clothes on.

People should write books about my travel skills, you guys.

Anyway, I mentioned Adam and Robbo to you guys in the last post. Now, I went to go ahead and add them on Facebook, when I found, to my astonishment, that Robbo and I already had a mutual friend!

Matt, one of my close friends from Jordan, is a fairly well traveled guy, and I guess this extends to random Australians that I meet in hostels, because there he was in dozens of Robbo’s photos. I guess they had taken a tour together in Europe, which was especially strange, because I’d seen all those photos a thousand times from Matt, and never once thought anything of the guy standing directly to his left.

Small world!

Anyway, day two in Brisbane was a wash, which was ok because just you guys wait for day three!


Carissa “I Know Basically Everyone” Rawson


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