Amazing Australia- A Backpacker’s Life for Me

Hello Dear Readers!

Now, you guys know I’m not a snob, right?



Ok, listen, I know that perhaps I spend a little too much time in really nice hotels, and maybe I brag about having elite status all the time (you should get it too), but this trip I was utterly determined to live that hostel life.

Which is how I found myself in a ten bed dorm at the Blue Parrot Sydney, which I had splurged an extra $2 on in order to have a private toilet (shared with only 10 others!). Actually, in all reality, this place was pretty nice. Yes, it was a 10 bed dorm, but there was only one other girl staying there, and we made friends pretty quickly, even spending my last day together.

See, it’s currently winter in Australia right now (what? Shocker!), so the travel season down south is pretty slow. This suited me just fine, and I spent all my days in Sydney happily bundled up and gloating about the extreme heat in California.

They even have a Chinese friendship garden!

No but seriously, my last two days in Sydney were really great. I explored Bondi beach, rode the ferry over to Manly Beach, and generally decided that Australia is one of my new favorite countries.

Next up- Brisbane. Oh god, Brisbane.

Carissa “The Backpacker” Rawson



  1. Thanks for the tip about the Blue Parrot hostel in Sydney. I’ll tuck that bit of information away for I go to Australia!

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  2. Have a great time in Brisbane. It’s my home city. I recommend taking a kayaking tour on the Brisbane River at night if you are here on a Friday or Saturday night with River Life and going to Eat Street Markets on a Friday or Saturday night. (I am not affiliated with either company. I’m just a local).

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