Discovering Dubai: The Dubai Mall

Hello Dear Readers!

For obvious reasons, we spent most of our time in Dubai indoors. This meant we were constantly looking for cool new things to do. (Thanks Entertainer app!) It also meant we spent a lot of time in the malls, where all the awesome activities are.

Like ice skating

In fact, after our day trip to Oman, we re-showered, got re-ready, and went back out to the Dubai Mall. Since PJ didn’t really care for our Arab iftar the night before, we decided to go full American and hit up the Rainforest Cafe. Yes, it was delicious. But someone really needs to train the Emiratis on how to make chicken fried chicken. I mean, they gave us brown gravy instead of country gravy? It was a travesty, really.

Then we watched the Dubai Fountains, which were really really cool:

We also went to the ‘Aquarium and Underwater Zoo,’ which sounds really cool, right?…the ‘aquarium’ part was just a single underwater tunnel that you walk through. I mean they literally have one aquarium tank. The rest of it was way cooler, but when PJ and I walked out the other side, we looked at each other confused, like “is this it?” It truly was.

To make up for it they have a gigantic crocodile, but still. Don’t sell me a ticket for your aquarium of one tank, all right?

To head off the night, we got some freshly made nitrogen ice cream, which pushed our waistbands to an uncomfortable point. Ramadan!

Waiting for the fountains

-Carissa “Is this Authentic?” Rawson





    1. Yes, lots. For the most part, all the Arabs are from different countries around the Middle East. Very few Emiratis around. Since it was Ramadan, it was a lot more obvious who was Muslim vs who wasn’t, and getting to celebrate iftar every night was an exciting insight into how people get together and interact. As far as specific “Arab” culture within the city…I’d say that the Emirate has done a lot of work to Westernize itself, but still retains a neat Middle Eastern flair, which is cool to see.


      1. Still makes me chuckle – I massively over sold it to my kids, expecting great things. I was speechless when we came out in under a minute after queuing for twenty minutes to get in.


  1. Reading your adventures in Dubai reminded me of the fun we had too! We were there on April. And like you, we also turned to American food. But instead of Rainforest Cafe we went to Cheesecake Factory! 😁
    Also liked your signature. Creative!


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