Exploring Ethiopia: Hiking the Hills

Hello Dear Readers!

This post isn’t going to be too long today, since I have copious amounts of photos to show you. Our third day in Ethiopia started early as well, with a two hour trek to the Debanos Monastery, stopping along the way to check out the wild baboons that hang out nearby:


Then, a friendly monk showed us around the Monastery:

We then made our way to the Portuguese Bridge, so named not because they built it, but because it looks similar to a style they… would… make? At least that’s what they told us. It’s the beginning of the wet season in Ethiopia, so the huge waterfall that normally runs through it was quite small, and we were able to get some really stunning photos:

We also hiked a bit further, to overlook the Blue Nile Gorge and the vast countryside of Ethiopia:



Overall, the day was amazing, and we got to see some once-in-a-lifetime views that I wish my photos did justice. In short, go visit Ethiopia! It’s beautiful.

-Carissa “I Need a Professional Camera” Rawson



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