Friends in Firenze


I am in great spirits today, despite missing literally everything I had planned in Florence. First, some backstory:

Yesterday I had planned a half day tour through Tuscany, since I figured “why not?” Well, my shuttle bus from the hotel was late, which meant my tour left without me and I was stuck in the dripping rain with nothing to do. It was a mess.

However! The other girl riding the shuttle bus with me happened to speak English and overhear all of my awful problems. She then offered to show me around a bit.

At the risk of sounding fangirl-y, she was pretty great. We had an awesome day wandering around the shops and landmarks, and at the end of it we (and her husband) ended up going out to dinner.

So fancy

We drove all the way to Baberino (in the middle of a thunderstorm!) in order to enjoy a huge Florentine steak and delicious wine. Probably the coolest part was that her husband didn’t speak a ton of English, but he did speak Spanish, and both she and I spoke Arabic. So around the table, we had conversations going in Spanish, English, Italian, and Arabic. I felt so cool. (Though I speak like 3 words of Italian)

Chalk one up for amazing experiences. I’m now in the process of trying to convince them to come to Jordan. (Do it!)

So, today I’m back in the club lounge, in high spirits and totally stoked about having met some great people. Nala and I are relaxing before we head off to our next Airbnb, which I booked solely on the basis of its pictures. See for yourself:


-Carissa “I finally met people!” Ragland


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