Up to 68% off at any Waldorf Astoria hotel!

Guys! Listen to this!

So today I was strolling across my news feed when I saw that Hilton is offering a new sale- any stay at a Waldorf Astoria will give you $100/night to spend in whatever way you wish.


But wait! It gets better! This offer will work with Citi Prestige’s 4th night free offer. Since David is infinitely tired of all the plans I’ve been making, I decided to keep it local and take a look at the La Quinta Waldorf Astoria  in Palm Springs, CA. This is the same hotel that Clark Gable and Audrey Hepburn stayed at, so no big deal, obviously.

Room rates here from August 7th-11th are $174 a night, and a 4 night stay will run you $932.20. Using the Citi concierge will refund you $233.05, bringing your overall total down to $699.15. That’s a pretty good deal for a really nice hotel, but when you use the offer code above, your total out of pocket cost will be $299.15 for 4 nights.

That’s awesome! That equates to 68% off for the 4 night run. On top of this, you’ll be earning points for the full $923.20 that you’ve “spent” on the hotel.

If you guys need me, I’ll be relaxing at the pool.

-Carissa “Waldorf” Ragland


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