Happy 2017!

As my 27th birthday approaches, I’m looking back at all the things we’ve been able to do. And, since this is a blog about travel, (duh) I’m thinking about all the fantastic things we have planned for this year.

So far we’ve kept pretty mum about our plans this year; things have been in flux, but we’ve got a tenuous plan so far and I’d like to share it with you guys. Since we’re heading to Edinburgh in August, (for school!) we had to mash a lot of things in a little amount of time. So, without further ado, here is Carissa and David’s Proposed Itinerary of 2017:

From January to February I’m heading back home to California. Going to hang out with the fam, get our dogs sorted (they don’t love travel as much as we do), and generally hang out as unemployed folks are wont to do. David is going to hang back in Maryland, working and finishing up his degree. This is important to know, because the next step is:

Carissa’s super extreme adventure to Europe (with her dog). That’s right! From February until the end of March I’ll be powing around Europe with my dog, Nala. I’m starting in Spain and working my way through France and Italy. For the most part, I’ll be hanging out in the warmer climates, because who really wants to be in the snow? Um, hello, Californian here.

Starting in April, I’ll be joined by David, fresh out of a job and eager to experience…wait for it…Jordan. Don’t kill me. As you guys know, I lived there earlier this year- BUT- David hasn’t and he’s been so looking forward to seeing Petra! This also comes as a recommendation from my soon-to-be Arabic professor from Edinburgh. See, it’s for school!

Ok, once we wheeze tiredly back to the US, we head right back out to go to Bali! This trip will be the most luxurious thing we’ve ever done, not the least because we’re getting to go out with family. David’s brother and sister-in-law are coming with us, and I’m looking forward to lounging around our own private villa. Life’s so hard.


Then! And this is one I’m so excited about! We’re heading to…….Dubai! I snagged some AMAZING deals to get out here, so we’ll be living (cheaply) in the lap of luxury and doing things that Dubai-ians do. Ride camels? Drive sports cars? More research on that later.

At this point we’ll be straight up pooped, so we’re going to hang out and kick our heels for a bit before moving to Scotland. Once there, it’s full steam ahead with schooling so we won’t have time to do much else.

Except for a trip to Japan.

Of course.


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